Native Apps and Web Apps

We make customized apps for organizations of any size, from complex enterprise apps to simple builds.

Building apps and integrating content should go hand-in-hand. The challenge is repurposing content from your website and content databases so that it is presented in a mobile format within your apps. The way we design apps does this effortlessly.

Our apps come with a real time metrics solution, a video advertising solution, mobile banner ads integrated into both your web and app experiences, and adaptive microsite capabilities. Our apps are also compatible with Smart TVs.



We put you in control of your app to keep it dynamic with our app CMS platform OneMobileTool.

You can update and tweak your app and distribute push notifications across all devices and audiences in real time.

Add new products, news, videos and other information; create new sections; and, make design changes without republishing, saving you time and money. is an innovative web-based and mobile intranet and extranet featuring collaboration and project management tools designed to improve business efficiency in a dynamic way.

Easy to use, streamlines communications, unifies teams and makes project management simple and transparent, eliminating the need for other communication methods.

Available for desktop, iOS and Android.

The award-winning is a web-based and mobile platform telling you everything you need to know about any city in the world.

Use as your tour guide at home or away with audio content that highlights key information about your location.

With find events and points of interest including tourist spots, restaurants, bars, hotels, pharmacies, and more.

Got your own special point of interest? Add it to

Available for desktop, iOS and Android.


Data Centres

intraHouse has been managing various data centres for two decades. In addition, we have created the concept with a combination of hyper scale- and distributed EDGE data centres that would help nations and smart cities getting smarter in their digital offerings to their citizens.

In partnership with Data Dome, Inc. of Portland, U.S, we are now offering the IntraDome green EDGE data centre concept.