André Eidskrem

Founder & CEO

A dynamic entrepreneur with a mission to improve the way companies present their brands on mobile, André is Founder and CEO of intraHouse.

Frank Godø

CEO & Software Developer

Frank is CEO of intraHouse Norway and a developer with expertise within Computer Security.

Karen Floyd


Passionate about communications, Karen knows that a unified mobile presence is essential for cementing the credibility of a company’s products or services and enhancing the business-stakeholder relationship.

Kim André Akerø

Product & IT Manager

Kim’s interest for computers was sparked at a very early age. Even before his teens he was programming in Commodore BASIC.

Divi Daswani

Business Manager

Divi is a creative industrial engineer with a Master’s Degree in International Business and a keen traveller. She enjoys nothing more than a stroll on the beach and discovering new places and cultures.

Irina González

Marketing & Communications Manager

Irina has a bachelor degree in journalism and a master’s in international business. She loves new technology, communication, travelling and learning about new cultures.

Helen Lindsey

Helen loves language and communication. With a degree in French and Spanish she’s at home getting her teeth into meaty translations and can turn her hand to any administrative task. Helen enjoys travel and takes the opportunity as often as possible to flex her language muscles and if at home she flexes her muscles with a personal trainer.

Nelly Petkova

Nelly is a search-engine specialist with a degree in Information Technology from Norway and a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University in Sofia. She loves sports and long walks in the mountains.

Torben Schmidt

Torben works as a programmer for intraHouse in Norway, where he likes to stay in touch with nature.

Leon Eriksen

Leon is the Head of UX at intraHouse. He does User Experience and User Interface Designs, and he is currently studying at University to become Data Scientist. He believes the world is amazing and wants to help others see it.