intraHouse at Nordic Innovation House (left to right): Irina González, Pablo Betancor, Gro Eirin Dyrnes and André Eidskrem

Hello, I’m Pablo now writing from intraHouse’s new location of Tenerife. After spending seven months in the Bay Area I’m back home to continue the big mission, to help spread the word about our mobile technology, applying what I learned in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is, of course, the best place to get a good understanding of the tech industry and business in general. The opportunities that arise there are incredible. Nothing is random. The Bay Area is a well-oiled machine, the total sum of its parts.

Those parts are:

  • Investment: Silicon Valley is well-known for its unicorns, which are companies with a value of more than than a billion dollars based on potential profits. This is a strong pull for lots of investors and venture capital firms, especially those who understand startups and capital risk. The investment is spread across many different startups and all it takes is one to have a good payback that covers all the investments made in a whole portfolio of companies.
  • Talent pool: Outstanding universities such as Stanford and Berkeley churn out talent for tech businesses. As well as having great qualifications, Bay Area graduates are very willing to take a risk and be part of an early stage or disruptive startup. There are also plenty of potential employees with previous startup experience and the work ethic to match the high pressure, fast paced environment. Many companies in Silicon Valley are known for offering superb conditions to their employees, making it easy to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Partners and relations: It’s easy to find business partners and foster good relations. All the help you need to setup is easily available, via companies like Escalon Services. People are willing to help and take the time to have a coffee with you and help you if they can in the name of ‘paying it forward’.

In Silicon Valley I attended a lot of events and much of my time was spent networking, in English. My networking and English language skills have greatly improved and now I’m looking forward to start networking here on Tenerife, sharing our exciting new technology we’re launching very soon.

So if you’re on Tenerife and would like to meet for a coffee to explore how we can help you look your best on mobile, please get in touch!