My name is David Sosa Moriana and I joined intraHouse via Proexca in November 2015. My background is marketing and my role here is varied and sees me working across a variety of intraHouse projects.

After an initial period at our office on Gran Canaria I came to London. This was one of the attractions of intraHouse, having the opportunity to work for an international company in a different location and improve my language skills.

The time spent with the team on Gran Canaria was invaluable and helped me get up to speed on everything I need to know to be effective in London, and with London being such an imposing city, I was glad I had all the essential company training before arriving here.

I’m now putting all the business and marketing theory into practise and nothing quite prepares you for the ‘real world of work’. Books and teachers can’t teach you how to predetermine customer needs and translate them into cool products that surpass their expectations, or how to be an effective networker, only direct experience can do that.

And there’s certainly a lot of networking to be done here in London and it’s great to be out there sharing the intraHouse story. One important aspect of my role is to ensure that entrepreneurs and startups from London are aware of the opportunities on Gran Canaria. Whilst London has a well-established, thriving tech scene, it lacks some of the charms of Gran Canaria including the climate and affordable living standards, that digital nomads and an increasing number of startups are starting to realise.

I’m really enjoying my time here in London and would recommend it to anyone who gets the chance to come and experience the startup scene here. It’s electric!