As part of our launch of solutions for smart cities including, we have added the expertise of two wonderful individuals from Gran Canaria via PROEXCA to the team.

Lourdes Pérez, with a background in business administration and international tenders, is in Ålesund, alongside fellow Canario Fernando, who joined intraHouse Norway in January this year.

Hugo Hidalgo Medina, with a background in translation, interpreting, copywriting, editing and art is in Vienna, where he’s working on a special project with the Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER), in the framework of the United Smart Cities (USC) and United For Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC), designed to educate and engage citizens with smart city projects.

Lourdes is very excited to be part of the smart cities’ project and says: “I’m learning a lot about smart cities and I can see how the cities need a more structured approach to smart city project management. Many smart city projects fail because the procurement process is fragmented and cities neglect to ensure that their citizens are properly engaged. intraHouse technologies solve those issues. It’s a great project to be working on.”

Hugo echoes saying: “Before joining intraHouse I wasn’t very knowledgeable about smart cities or technology, but now I know the importance of encouraging and facilitating smart cities projects, including the digital education of people who live in smart cities.”