Panel session featuring Richard Lau at Namescon 2018 (Left).

This week, intraHouse attended the Namescon conference in Las Vegas, where two years ago we auctioned, which was not sold during the live domain auction because it didn’t meet the reserve, but was sold six months later.

As an owner of many domains, including, we were keen to get the low down on all the latest developments in domains and blockchain to ensure that our technological advancements remain truly innovative.

Our and platforms were well received and new relationships were established and existing ones cemented with domain and blockchain industry professionals, boding well for future collaborations.

There were plenty of expert speakers providing insightful sessions on all aspects of domain security, branding, blockchain and much more. It was a very worthwhile event proving plenty of useful content and superb networking.

Special thanks go to Namescon co-founder Richard Lau for the invitation to attend, and dotGLOBAL and DigitalTown for their hospitality.