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Welcome to intraHouse, an international hub of IT innovation. We deliver superior quality web-based and mobile and social collaboration platforms for companies of all sizes from around the world.

about us

From tiny acorns grow mighty oaks.

With more than 20 years’ experience, intraHouse has its roots in the majestic land of Norway with its highly respected business culture and thriving tech scene. Today, our branches reach into the UK, Spain, Eastern Europe, Asia the US and Canada, enabling us to work around the clock to deliver proof of concepts and demos in a very timely manner and to a standard that surpasses expectations.

We have always led the way on IT innovation creating in-house technology and customized solutions for our international clients.

Twenty years ago we created a search engine, which was better than what the Norwegian media houses had, and so they switched to ours. Microsoft also incorporated our search engine due to its popularity and success into Internet Explorer.

Our award-winning technology PocketPaper, the choice of some top names including global giant Cisco and Dutch telecoms provider KPN, received the European Gold Seal of Excellence at CeBIT in 2004.

Our native app solutions, incorporating our very own OneMobileTool platform, are available across all mobile devices and are trusted by many organisations including global giants and small start-ups.

Our latest innovation intra.work is a social intranet and extranet web and mobile platform combining collaboration and project management tools.

We continuously strive to deliver INNOVATIVE solutions preempting market needs, whilst maintaining high levels of INTEGRITY by doing the right thing and keeping our promises, building TRUST in our ability to deliver superior quality technology and cementing our REPUTATION and credibility as an ACCOUNTABLE powerhouse of bold ideas.

Native Apps and Web Apps

We make customized apps for organizations of any size, from complex enterprise apps to simple builds.



We put you in control of your app to keep it dynamic with our app CMS platform OneMobileTool.


intra.work is an innovative web and mobile intranet and extranet featuring collaboration and project management tools.


The award-winning city.live is a web and mobile platform telling you everything you need to know about any city in the world.

Data Centres

intraHouse offers many technologies and concepts related to data centres.

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In addition to creating our innovative in-house IT solutions we also create customized solutions for companies around the world.

We’re proud to be trusted by fantastic companies large and small, including but not limited to: